Meeko Ghintee
Meeko Ghintee is a Muttani criminal who is wanted for many crimes after the Battle of Naboo and an antagonist in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. He was well known for rigging borhek games and other crimes.


Meeko was known to rig beast
Meeko concept

Meeko in Desolation Alley.

competitions by controlliing them with a remote control. He has also has been imprisond multiple times. But, Meeko never learned a lesson after his release. Some time after the Battle of Naboo, Meeko was wanted on several charges on murder, theft, and assault and became one of the most wanted men. He was brought in but later escape and took the Longshot and headded to Outland
Jango vs. Meeko

Jango fights Meeko.

Station. However, Jango Fett tracked Meeko and was prepared to fight him. Meeko managed to escape Jango by ordering his remote controlled borhek to attack him. Jango defeated the borhek and resumed his chase for the criminal. Meeko piloted the Longshot and fought Fett. In the end, Jango came out victorious and delivered Meeko to custody alive and collected the reward on Meeko.

Meeko returned to prison and serves another life sentence. Jango arrived on Oovo IV for his search for Komari Vosa. Meeko saw an opportunity to escape and signed to become a work crew member and escaped prison. But Jango encountered him and Meeko began firing at Jango. Meeko failed to kill the bounty hunter and was killed by Jango.


  • If a player kills Meeko in the prison level, they will gain 10,000 credits which is the second highest bounty in the game Star Wars: Bounty Hunters.
  • Ironically, the person who putted Meeko's bounty the second time was an angry borhek owner.
  • Meeko is the first boss in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.
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