Medusa (X) G.O.D Kaijin
Medusa (4, 21, 27, Movie) - A Medusa monster who has ability to fly, summoning snakes and turn human into stone with her eyes. She takes identity as Professor Kogure Seijiro assistant's named Kiyomi. Destroyed by X's X Kick.

Apollo Geist's Last General Attack!!

Medusa have revived with other Kaijins, to support Apollo Geist, & defeated by Kamen Rider X again.

Special Edition, Full Force of Five Riders!!

Medusa have revived again with other Shinwakaijins & defeted by five riders.

Five Riders vs. King Dark

Medusa have revived once again with other GOD Cyborgs, to attack all over Tokyo and, in the middle of the crisis. & they were defeated by Five Kamen Riders.