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Medusa is one of the main villains on the 2001 TV series Black Scorpion.

As a child, Minerva Stolen was always scared of being ugly. Minerva was scarred during a halloween prank and was forced to wear a mask for the rest of her life. Medusa wants a man to accept her, but has been rejected because of her scarred face. Medusa then goes after all the men who rejected her turned by turning them to stone with her cement gun. Medusa owns a Heath spa with a special fountain of youth that allows her to hide her scarred face. After Black Scorpion saves all of her stoned victims, Medusa decides to send a mudslide, by blowimg up the city of angels dam. Fortunely the black Scorpion stops her by sending her off the dam where she falls to her apparent death. Medusa then teams up with Black Scorpion's nemesis Inferno and the two of them try to send a volcano to the city of angels, but are stopped by Black Scorpion.

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