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Look at that! Medical Mechanica's transporting these monstrosities here to destroy this planet! Ohhh, it's all over. Don't you see what's happening here?
~ Amarao
Medical mechanica

A Medical Mechanica building, seen on top of the hill.

Medical Mechanica is an evil cooperation in the anime series FLCL. They mass produce "medical" robots, which tend to be very violent. Their buildings are shaped like irons, and release steam at certain parts of the day. There are no entrances or exits to these buildings, so how people get in and out is a mystery. One character describes the strange steam as them "Ironing out the wrinkles in your brain so you can't think." Medical Mechanica also captures an intergalactic space pirate "Atomsk", who one of the main characters has been searching for. Though it is never really explained how, or why. Little is known about Medical Mechanica, and it is implied that they are somehow connected to the government.

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