I'll tear the ground asunder and send you straight down to hell!
~ to Marth and his friends

Medeus (Mediuth in the Japanese version) is the main antagonist in the Fire Emblem series and its crossover ​Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.


Medeus is the prince of his kind, the Earth Dragons whose race was starting to decline when dragon birth rates began to fail and dragons suffered from degeneration. The Divine Dragon elders proposed a way to transform into humans known as Manakete. All of the Earth Dragons, except Medeus, refused to be turned into Manaketes as they imagined themselves to be insuperior that way and declared war upon the Divine Dragon tribes due to their degeneration. In the aftermath of the battle, the Earth Dragons were sealed away underneath the Dragon's Table with Medeus as the guardian of the seal.

Over the millenium, however, Medeus soon developed hatred for the humans after their abusement towards the Manaketes and formed the Dolhr Empire with the Manaketes as a conspiracy against the humans. 

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Edit

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