Medea (Talking About)

Medea (IN Speak)

Medea is Darkspin called Mercenary-Group Queen and member of the Eklipse organization that he is Crazy such. Dr. Emmanuel Klipse messenger him & Darkspin catch up Chase Suno & Lock's core him. their

first encounter Darkspin messenger Bren's Core-tablet edited-message Jeredy Suno's messages but S.T.O.R.M. i heard message to aslo. then when Chase had become the place of dispatch he was stunned & when he woke up he struggle the Medea against. the first match was inconclusive but later started a new match where whole Darkspin & Bren & Jinja be joined the battle. after the battle Medea give Chase object with Jeredy Suno's message's S.T.O.R.M. came on the place they come up with Darkspin's plan. the first encounter after Darkspin continued Chase Suno's & Team Core-Tech's the destruction of but they were unable to ever but they continue growing. Medea best is Poisonwing & later Dragonwolf.


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Medea's Evil Smile

Medea Evil Smile