Mechlan is a villain in Spellforce: The Order of Dawn. He is a former servant of the Circle who became obsessed with a piece of glass artwork made by the formers.

Although Mechlan is not encountered for long, his schemes drive much of the third quarter of the game.


The glass piece was broken during the Convocation. In his obsession, Mechlan formed a mercenary company and terrorized Mulandir, the former capital of the Order, and the surrounding isles in order to obtain the glass fragments. Mechlan is first seen at the Godwall, although he can only be spotted in cutscenes. Once the Rune Warrior has reached the Godwall, Mechlan, who has taken the inhabitants of the villages on the wall captive, orders his mercenaries to hunt the Rune Warrior. He then enters the portal to Mulandir and is not encountered again for quite some time.

After the Rune Warrior has liberated the Godwall, he continues his journey to Mulandir in order to find the Phoenix which, according to Hokan Ashir, was the means to defeat the Dark One. Eventually arriving at the center of Mulandir, he encounters a Dark Elf called 'The Guardian', the protector of the Phoenix. To prove his worthiness to the Guardian, the Rune Warrior is tasked with obtaining the glass pieces so that the artwork can be returned to its former glory. However, the Rune Warrior is warned that Mechlan's Briar Wolves are still hunting the pieces.

After the Rune Warrior has found all the pieces he returns to the Guardian, only to find that he has been tricked and that the Guardian is in truth Mechlan, who had glamored himself with magic. Having finally obtained all the pieces, Mechlan flees from the plateau, leaving five of his lieutenants to fend off the Rune Warrior. He heads deeper into Mulandir, leaving illusions of himself to fight the Rune Warrior. However, the Rune Warrior eventually catches up to Mechlan who now begs for his life, offering the Phoenix. It is up to the player whether the Rune Warrior takes the Phoenix Stone and leaves Mechlan who through the glass shards has finally found his peace, or whether he slays Mechlan and takes the Phoenix from the mages' corpse.


  • During the entire game, the Guardian is accompanied by the Briar Wolves. This indicates that something is wrong about him.