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Mecha Squirrel Loo (ロボットリスロー - Robottorisurō) It is a robotic Napoleon-styled squirrel was invented by Captain Duck-Beard, makes it's appearance in the PC Engine game Capt. Squirrel Loo: Robottoahiru no bōto ni notte. Here is one of the parodies have robotic squirrels between each other.

Appearances in the games

  • Capt. Squirrel Loo: Robottoahiru no bōto ni notte (PC Engine, 1992) : In this scene, Mecha Squirrel Loo makes a Four Mid-bosses in the Stages, It also makes a the Boss Battle in the Captain Duck-beard's Gigantic Ship.
  • Captain Squirrel Loo - Gachou no kogeki dansa! (Arcade, 1996), such a the stage 4, Duckbill Radio Singing, Mecha Squirrel Loo makes a the Mid-boss appearance, but was beaten by Squirrel Loo.
  • Captain Squirrel Loo : Tori no Kaizoku Wotsūjite (Nintendo 64, 2000), The Captain Duck-Beard ans his henchmen, (Such a Mecha Squirrel Loo) have to give the deserved on a weak point. but have an order of the Player.
  • Capt. Squirrel Loo - 1001-Nen arabu kaizoku (Game Boy Color, 2000), With success a RPG, Mecha Squirrel Loo makes a the Join in party to defeat a the Popular Arabian Sailors (Such a the Phantasy Star Parody).
  • Capt. Squirrel Loo Racing (PlayStation, 2000), With success a Racing Video Game, Mecha Squirrel Loo makes makes an unlockable character on coin collecting nuts 50 which can compete in the race.
  • Capt. Squirrel Loo Sekaiju no Kaizoku o Fukushu (Nintendo DS, 2007), Mecha Squirrel Loo makes Cameo in the workshop of the other island of pirates again.

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