Mecha Biker

The Super Combat Bot Mecha Biker is the second boss from Double Dragon Neon. A combat robot created by Skullmageddon, the Mecha Biker attacks the Lee brothers to prevent them from escaping the Rocket Dojo. He initially appears piloting his hoverbike, attempting to trample the brothers or incinerate them with the hoverbike's engines. After taking some hits his hoverbike will explode, after which he fights on foot with the brothers. He will use his gun to shoot three times or charge a powerful blast. He will also attack using a sliding maneuver or a somersault kick. When defeated the Mecha Biker will turn into energy spheres, and the brothers take his hoverbikes to escape the collapsing dojo.

The Mecha Biker is an obvious parody of Mega Man. Before fighting him the player must go through two doors, very similar to the boss doors in the Mega Man games.

All of his moves resemble moves used by Mega Man, his death is identical to that of Mega Man, and his design seems inspired by the "Bad Box Art" Mega Man which appears on the covers of Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10.