I envision a world of joy and laughter and presents for all!
~ Mecha-Santa before fighting him
 Mecha-Santa is the final boss of Hyper Princess Pitch. He is literally just a mechanical Santa Claus that the title character Princess Pitch has a grudge against for not giving her any presents when she was younger. Mecha-Santa is armed with up to twelve self-defensive techniques depending on which difficulty you are playing on which he cycles through, and on the highest difficulty has a second phase involving three incredibly powerful techniques.

After defeating him, a cutscene plays showing Mecha-Santa giving a gift to Pitch hoping that she will spare him. Pitch flies away on her Catstrike with her present when the gift suddenly detonates in her face. A slightly upset Pitch flies back to Santa's Workshop to grab Mecha-Santa, jump ridiculously high in the air, and piledrive him back into the workshop, causing the entire place to explode violently. The size of the explosion depends on whether or not you have visited the secret stage.


  • Before the battle begins, Mecha-Santa gives a speech to a crowd of elves during a moment that vaugely resembles the Nuremburg Rally.