Meatlings are the secondary antagonists of the Phineas and Ferb episode Excaliferb. They are monstrous creatures who serve the evil wizard Malifishmertz.


The Meatlings were created by Malifishmertz to conquer the Tri-Kingdom Area. He explains that they are created by using the most hideous substance known to man: canned meats. After Malifishmertz was successful in creating the Meatlings with the help from his assistant Lawn Gnorme, they weren't as intimidating as one would expect. Malifishmertz also explained that the Meatlings become bigger, stronger, and more evil looking by exposing them to water, which would explain why he cast a rain spell, so that they grow bigger and stronger.

While the heroes' were journeying toward the enhanced sword; Excaliferb, Malifishmertz sent a small army of his Meatlings towards them in hopes of getting rid of or at the very least incapacitate the heroes. Fortunately, the heroes managed to evade the Meatlings and continued on with their journey.

Later on, during the battle between Malifishmertz and the heroes, several Meatlings (who had increased far bigger in size) joined by Malifishmertz's side, taking down several of the summoned monsters. Eventually, Sir Ferbalot cast a spell on himself to transform himself into a Medusa-like monster, turning the Meatlings into stone, contributing to Malifishmertz's capture (though he later escapes during the heroes' bonfire party).