The Meat Shop Owner was an insane villain that appeared in the off-beat cartoon series Twisted Tales Of Felix, which was based on the popular Felix the Cat cartoons and took the character's surrealist humor to its extremes.

A meat-obsessed madman who owned his own diner named "Gut Bombs" he was fanatically devoted to meat, even making up a song about how life was meaningless with a tasty snack made of meat - however his happiness was almost cut short when his large supply of meat had disappeared.

Unable to get a fresh supply of meat he decided to try and grind Felix into meat instead, however Felix managed to escape via the aid of a guardian angel - unfortunately for Felix the angel that was aiding him was also extremely idiotic (being in-training) and after a series of mishaps Felix angrily demanded to be sent back.

However in a stroke of luck Felix was spared once again when the Meat Shop Owner found the angel, being extremely stupid (as well as mad) he believed the angel was a fairy and demanded a wish to be made the fattest, greasest sausage in the world.

The angel granted the Meat Shop Owner's wish by literally turning him into a sausage, saving Felix's life - true to the surreal nature of the show however the Meat Shop Owner did not die but simply rolled away laughing manically, his ultimate fate is unknown.