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The Meanager is an alternate form of Mr. Moseby from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, that appears in the episode "Super Twins".


Zack and Cody both wish to be superheroes after witnessing a shooting star. The two begin to see results shortly afterwards, but are unaware that Mr. Moseby has also acquired superpowers due to the wish. It is soon revealed that Mr. Moseby intends to use his powers for harm, rather than anything good.

Eventually, Moseby recruits Arwin and Esteban as his new minions and orders them to aid him in constructing an "Adultifier" ray, that turns juveniles into miniaturized adults. Unfortunately, Arwin builds the machine in a way that only accepts diamonds as a source of energy, so Moseby tricks London into obtaining her diamonds.

When the weapon is finally in motion, he attempts to use it on Zack and Cody, but his plans ultimately backfire when the ray is used on him, reverting him back to an infant. Later, it was revealed that this was only a fantasy element, as Zack dreamed the entire event.

Powers and Abilities

Meanager possess a powerful ability which makes him quite dangerous, and that ability an array of color-coded laser beams:

  • Red Beam: Heat vision.
  • Blue Beam: Freeze ray.
  • Purple Beam: Tickle ray.
  • Green Beam: Turns kids in to adults (although the reverse would happen if used on adults).
  • Yellow Beam: Mind control (used to bamboozle Esteban, Arwin, London, and Carey into becoming his underlings).


  • He was portrayed by Phill Lewis.

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