"Buy more, make more."
~ Cat's Mean Bob toy
Mean Bobs 2

The Mean Bob Action Figures are the antagonists of the CatDog episode "The Collector." They brainwash Cat to buy more of the toys and are attached to him in a creepy way. They are voiced by Dave Thomas, with the exception of Mothers Day Mean Bob who is voiced by Tom Kenny.


CatDog buys two action figures from Rancid Rabbit at the toy store. Dog plays with his toy but Cat did not after Rancid tells him they can be worth a fortune. One night, Cat's Mean Bob talks to Cat to "buy more, make more."

CatDog goes to another toy store, where Cat buys a lot of Mean Bob toys at the cost of selling his furnishings and appliances. After Cat gets the Disco Mean Bob from Mr. Sunshine in exchange for giving him Winslow, Disco Mean Bob and other Mean Bob toys tells Cat to protect them from their boxes getting dirty.

The next day, Cat moves his Mean Bob collection to a basement near his house. He receives his English Bobby Mean Bob, although is unhappy that Dog touches its box. After Mr. Sunshine visits CatDog, Cat goes back to his collection to sell them. However, his collection is betrayed by Cat for trying to sell them and they all beat up Cat. Soon the basement explodes, scattering the toys and Cat finally plays with his Mean Bob toys.

With the Mean Bob toys no longer alive, CatDog goes to the toy store with their Mean Bobs to sell them. Unfortunately, Rancid tells them they are two minutes late since Mean Bob toys are no longer popular and Evil Eric action figures are the new trending toys. Despite this, the Mean Bob toys are traded in exchange for an Evil Eric toy and Winslow.