Me-Ginoga-De, also known as Unidentified Life Form #26A, assumes the form of an effeminate man in a white hat with long bleached hair who prefers hot environments like Shinjuku. Ginoga's special ability is to reg
KRKu-Me-Ginoga-De human

Me-Ginoga-De human form.

enerate at a cellular level, becoming stronger as a result with resistance to the infliction he receives from a fight.

When his turn came, Ginoga starts killing two people with his spores being delivered in the form of a kiss or as a spore cloud. However, he unexpectedly attacked Yuusuke without realizing that he's Kuuga, fighting him in a battle where he poisons Kuuga while being wounded. Confident that nothing will get in his way, room goes off to kill the remaining 125 to fill his quota. But when hit by Modified Bullets, Ginoga escapes the police and makes his way outside Shinjuku, regenerating with a reddish tint and able to kill people by using his spore clouds to penetrate the gasmasks.

After a showdown with the entire police force, Kuuga arrives in Growing Form to battle the Gurongi with the police supporting him, using a stronger version of the Growing Kick to kill him. However, only Ginoga's arm remained, which regenerated into a mindless Mutant. But as the clone was not fully matured, it lacked the ability to regenerate or poison its victims.

Kuuga arrives to fight the Gurongi in Mighty Form, managing to use his Mighty Kick to disrupt the Mutant's cellular structure as it melts into a puddle of ooze, finally ending Ginoga's existance.

Kamen Rider Decade

A mushroom monster that is labeled Unidentified Life Form #49. He appears in the World of Agito. He is destroyed by the teamwork of Diend and the summoned Drake and Delta.

Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

Me-Ginoga-De revived and part of Dai-Shocker.