Me-Giiga-Gi Human Form

Me-Giiga-Gi(human form)

With a maximum oxygen span of 280 °C (536 °F), Me-Giiga-Gi (メ・ギイガ・ギ?), otherwise known as Unidentified Life Form #21 (未確認生命体第21号 Mikakunin Seimeitai Dai Nijūichigō?) to the police, assumes the form of a man dressed in white with a dunce cap.

When he begins to play, he shoots globs of ink from his mouth that explodes on contact to kill his victims, retreating into a nearby body of water to cool himself down, as his stomach overheats from producing more of the ink.

Kuuga was unable to defeat Giiga in Mighty Form, though the Gurongi retreated when he begins to overheat. When Giiga resumes his game, Kuuga assumes his new Titan Form and withstands the Gurongi's attacks before running the Gurongi though with a Calamity Titan attack.