Me Garume Re Human Form

Me-Garume-Re (human form).

Me-Garume-Re (メ・ガルメ・レ Me Garume Re?), known to the police as Unidentified Life Form #31 (未確認生命体第31号 Mikakunin Seimeitai Dai Sanjūichigō?) and B4 (B群4号 Bīgun Yongō?), was originally known as Zu-Garume-Re (ズ・ガルメ・レ Zu Garume Re?). He was promoted to a Me between the games of Unidentified Life Forms #10 and #11, desiring to become a Go, and played a part in murdering Nana's acting teacher.

Posing as a man with wild blonde hair, Garume's turn came as he uses his cloaking abilities to hide at high areas, dragging his victims with his tongue to hang them while smashing their faces against a surface, announcing his next location to kill, going for Komazawa Square and then at the Central Tower, where the police stand by.

Learning of a five-minute window, the police attempt to use flash grenades to disrupt Garume's chromatic cellular makeup while learning the reason for the Gurongi attacks. Though the visible Garume outruns the police, he runs into Kuuga as they battle. But once Garume recovers his ability, he turns invisible again to escape, Garume is killed by Kuuga's Gouram-aided Blast Pegasus.

The encounter with Garume, who tends to speak in Japanese, together with Ichijo's experience with Baruba, lead to the police to realize that the Gurongi are capable of speaking their language as well, and that humans (which they refer to as Linto) are just part of their hunting game.