Timothy Finkleberg also reffered to as McD, is a movie director and the main antagonist of Jessie's Season 2 double part final episode "Jessie's Big Break".

He was portrayed by John DeLuca.


He starts directing a film and hires Shaylee Michaels as the lead actress, and Jessie Prescott as the stunt double of Michaels. Finkleberg and Michaels fall in love, but it was all a hoax, because Timothy also fell for Prescott and other actresses. This would later result in various accusations from the actresses of cheating before they eventually discovered the truth behind Timothy. By finishing discovered, Shaylee reveals his name, fires him, and throws off the stage, so Jessie asks if not flying back. It's unknown what happened next to him, but he was most likely killed in the fall or his father could have punished him for his actions.


  • John DeLuca, the actor of McD, portrays Butchy (a hero), in the 2013 Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie and in its sequel Teen Beach 2.
  • Aside from Creepy Connie Thompson McD is one of the more evil villains from the series.