Mayor voughun

Mayor Larry Vaughn is the secondary antagonist turned supporting character in the 1975 film Jaws, and an anti-hero in its sequel.

He was portrayed by the late Murray Hamilton.


Vaughn is the villainous mayor of Amity Island, and he intended to get people pay for his beach, and feel safe, thus hunting a shark and pretending it is jaws, so the people will swim and the beach will remain open. Mayor is very friendly and sympathetic, however, he is also greedy and ruthless, as he lies to the public for his economy, wealth and environment. He is responsible for most deaths in the film, and for the rise of Jaws in his coasts.


Mayor Vaughn was informed by Deputy Jeff Hendricks about a shark attack. Vaughn's beaches were closed, and he blamed Chief Martin Brody for the incident. Vaughn later received an offer of 10,000$ and a shark being hunted by Quint, a professional shark hunter. After many deaths around his coasts, he had enough of the beaches being closed, actually claiming he will make sure his people swim in his beaches, thus lying to the public that they are safe from sharks and that Jaws is hunted. After some children were killed in his beach, he had realized what he has done, finally redeeming himself and sending Quint to hunt Jaws.