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Mayor Phillip Fitzhugh
Mayor Phillip Fitzhugh
is an infrequent antagonist in Disney's Recess and the Mayor of Third Street, like quite a few Mayors in fiction he is depicted as rather incompetent and corrupt as well as a bit of a bully: these qualities combined with his position of authority has led him into confrontation with the Recess gang on a few occassions.

His most prominent episode as an antagonist was when T.J. and his gang accidentally destroyed the statue of Thaddeus T. Third III, where he approved the very harsh punishment of sending each children to seperate schools despite the children being geniunely remorseful and not having meant to do the damage in the first place.

However before Fitzhugh could perform the deed Thaddeus T. Third V intervened and reminded the Mayor that when he was a child he tried to intentionally break the statue, faced with growing disapproval from the adults Fitzhugh backed down.