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Mayor Bulloney

Mayor Oscar Bulloney is the main antagonist of the TV series Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa. He is the corrupt Mayor of Cowtown (the town where the series takes place) as well as the Bank president.


Bulloney stays the Mayor by rigging the elections. He employs Sheriff Terrorbull and his henchmen to commit crimes throughout the town, but Marshal Moo Montana and his posse always ruin his plans. Bulloney attempts to rid himself of the C.O.W.-Boys but his plans always fail. He also overtaxes the citizens of Cowtown, the taxes are so high Terrorbull says who needs stealing. Bulloney also manages to convince the C.O.W.-Boys that he is a kind law-abiding man.

In the first episode, after the C.O.W.-Boys foiled a bank Bulloney attempted kill Marshall Moo Montana with explosives by rigging them to the trophy he will receive at the law cow of the year award.


  • His last name is a pun on the word baloney.