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Nicholas Hostetler is the main villain of 2013 film Broken City. He is the mayor who hired Billy Taggart to investigation his wife's
Mayor Nicholas Hostetler
affair with his political rival but Billy found about Hostetler had a dark side.

he played by Russell Crowe


Nicholas was abusive and possessive of his wife Cathleen, who met Billy Taggart who murdered Mikey Tavarez who raped and murdered of his girlfriend's younger sister, at trail of his murder which left Hostetler impressed and approaches by chief which Billy was released and become private investigator to Hostetler for next 7 years. until Billy offered by Nicholas to find the man who slept with Cathleen then Billy agreed it. Billy spied on Cathleen's relationship with Paul Andrews but in real life, Cathleen and Paul were good friends who tried figured about her husband Nicholas's dark secrets and Paul gave her the information about their video

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