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Mayor Fumfer, aka Robot Secret Agent Fumfer, is the Mayor of Popodopolis in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog] television series. He is secretly a robot working for Dr. Robotnik (Sonic The Hedgehog SATAM).


He had a deep echo in his voice with a droll sense of humor.

Driven mad by his failure to crush the resistance and taking over Mobius, Robotnik rants out how much he hates Sonic while attempting to escape. He was seemingly killed when Sonic and Sally finally destroyed his doomsday base, but in actuality, there was supposed to be a third season where it was revealed that Robotnik was actually banished into the Void, where he would become a servant again to Naugus (who would take over as the new villain). However, the show's abrupt cancellation prevented this, leaving the show's cliffhanger unresolved.


  • His name comes from the word fumfer, which is Yiddish, meaning to stall or evade a problem.
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