Chubby is an orange bear in the video-game Naughty Bear. In Episode 2 he is also called Mayor Chubby.

History In Naughty Bear Series

Episode 1

Chubby first appears in Episode 1. He and Giggles, a red-violet bear, and hanging around and spot Naughty walking over to Daddles' party. After questioning him, Chubby spots the present that Naughty Bear has and laugh at him, prompting him to go home. This, along with the unseen narrator urging him, is what causes Naughty Bear to go on a rampage and kill everyone.

Episode 2

Chubby appears in Episode 2 as the boss bear. He is running for mayor and giving out rosettes. Naughty is at first excited when he hears of the eletion, but this fades when he hears Chubby promising to kill Naughty Bear if he gets elected and even handing out flyers that say Kill Naughty to prove a point.
1414219-naughtybear screen
Naughty is furious and decides to kill him. However, Chubby had anticipated Naughty's arrival and hired the Ninja Bears to help him, led by Master Miyagi. Naughty will have to be careful.

After killing most of the bears voting for Chubby at the Cabin, Naughty crosses the bridge to the Rally where Chubby and the Ninjas are located. Chubby arms himself with a gun for protection, but Naughty finds and kills him before running away to his hut.