I'll be youer new father, love. There's tidy, eh??
~ Mayor Bryce to Jona
Mayor Bryce is a minor villain from Dragon Quest IX. He is the mayor of Porth Llaffan who acted kind towards Jona, a young summoner; but it is revealed that all he wanted was to use Jona's power to summon Lleviathan to find sunken treasure and keep it to himself.


When the people off Porth Llaffan began to fall ill because of the fish that the sea deity, Lleviathan, was bringing them; Mayor Bryce and Jona spoke about the situation resulting in Jona wanting to quit her duty as a summoner. But when both reached the cliff where Lleviathan appears, the hero/heroine overheard the Mayor willing to grant her request, but also petitioning that she accepts her father's death and let him adopt her so that hey can return for treasure whenever she feels like.

Jona was horrified and declined his proposal, denying Dylan, her father, being dead. Just then Lleviathan showed up and ate Jona, the hero/heroine defeated it and discovered that "Lleviathan" was Dylan, having eaten one of the seven Fyggs that fell to the world below and it granting his wish to protect his daughter.