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Maxwell Roth - London's criminal mastermind!
~ Evie about Maxwell Roth.

Maxwell Roth is the secondary antagonist in video game Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. He is an associate of templar and one of the seven henchmen of Crawford Starrick.

In the game

Scenes in a trailer indicate that Roth is somehow involved in a revenge strike against the Assassins on Starrick's orders.

He is later revealed to be an anarchistic Crimelord with a high degree of skill and lust for theatricality, particularly the destructive kind. He is by far the only Templar who got along with, and even befriended Jacob Frye briefly.

He has also shown to be somewhat obsessed with Jacob Frye, even going as far as to burning down his theatre, just for Jacob to make his move.



  • Although the antagonists of the previous Assassin Creed games have been real historical figures, the villains in Syndicate are fictional because had real people been chosen, descendants could have been offended.

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