Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord is a powerful DC universe supervillain and an enemy of the Justice League Of America.

Maxwell Lord was abducted by an alien supercomputer buried near the center of the Earth. This computer somehow managed to convince Max to establish a benevolent worldwide peace organization that the computer hoped to use as part of its own grandiose plot aimed at complete global domination. With the computer's help, Max was able to operate behind the scenes during the formation of a new Justice League. Eventually he was freed from the computer’s influence and continued to operate as the Justice League's benefactor and caretaker.

Lord developed telepathic powers himself during the invasion of the Earth that was masterminded by the Dominators, but he remained the Justice League’s chief executive rather than become a hero. Maxwell Lord continued to run the team, but over the years his role became increasingly diminished until he was removed when Wonder Woman reformed the League.

Lord however was in truth a criminal mastermind who spent years running the JLI gathering sensitive information about the world's superheroes, which he considered a threat to the planet. All along Max had been playing the role of the incorrigible businessman. In truth, he held a deep contempt for the meta-human community and sought to take them down by keeping them close.

Supergirl (2015 TV Series)

Here, Maxwell Lord is portrayed as a tech genius and tycoon who owns his own company, Lord Technologies. Just like anyone else in National City, Lord has taken a shine to Supergirl and has now made it his life's mission to uncover her secret identity. He is one of the main antagonists of the show, alongside Astra.


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