Maximilian Dragna was a wealthy humanoid and self-proclaimed warlord of the sky. He sought to control the skies using a massive airship, the Dreadnought, which was concealed with an artificially created storm cloud and which was capable of firing lightning bolts. Dragna's soldiers were infused with static electricity allowing them to electrocute opponents by touch. In addition to this, they flew encapsulated in electrically-charged glowing spheres and were armed with modified rifles that fires electrical bolts.

When the Quest team was investigating the "storm cloud" surrounding the Dreadnought, Dragna used a magnetic beam to seize Questor 1 and also had his guards capture Dr. Benton Quest and Race Bannon. Dragna took them to his volcanic base and planned to kill them by locking them inside of a cavern where a superheated thermal geyser regularly blew, but they were freed by Jonny Quest, Hadji Singh and Hard Rock. The Quests fought their way past Dragna's guards and escaped in Questor 1, with the Dreadnought in pursuit. After an aerial battle, Race hit a weak point in Dragna's forcefield and the Dreadnought crashlanded in the volcano. Everyone thought Dragna was killed but a single sphere vehicle was seen departing, foreshadowing a possible return from the megalomaniac.


Exactly what Dragna is was never gone into. He has a very grotesque, almost reptilian appearance, and yet all of his men are ordinary (if superpowered) humans, and Dr. Quest recognizes him, so he is a known figure. Possibly he is human but merely deformed in some way.