Maxim Kutkin is one of the two main villains of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

He is a Russian gangster, and the son in law of the Russian Godfather, Lukyan Barsukov. Kutkin is ambitious and arrogant, described as a natural gambler. He is also sadistic and insane, known for excessive acts of retribution.


In the 1980s, Kutkin fought for the Soviets, and was discharged in 1990. Kutkin intended to kill Barsukov and take over his organization for years, which led to Barsukov helping Rainbow stop his plans. Kutkin illegally bought weapons from the Russian colonel, Viktor Rudenko, most notably enough weapons grade plutonium to make four bombs.

Kutkin intended to sell these bombs to the terrorist leader Samed Vezirzade for his attacks against the west. Rainbow prevented Kutkin's men from obtaining more plutonium, and bugged his spa to learn the location of his bomb-manufacturing base. By now, Kutkin had already created the four nuclear bombs; though Rainbow blew up the base and recovered two of the bombs, Kutkin escaped with the other two.

Soon after, Kutkin kidnapped Barsukov, along with Susan Holt of Rainbow's Strategic Studies Institute, and held them at his spa, but Rainbow rescued them. Barsukov believed that Kutkin was personally selling his two nuclear bombs to Vezirzade's men at a train yard in Moscow; however, although Rainbow stopped the exchange and recovered the bombs, the attempted exchange was led by one of Kutkin's lieutenants rather than Kutkin himself.

After Vezirzade's death, Kutkin knew he was doomed, and, with a small group of his followers, took over a nuclear power plant in the Ukraine, intending to shut off its cooling system and cause a nuclear meltdown, both to take as many people down with him as possible and to get revenge on Rainbow for shutting down his operations. Thus, Kutkin was ready to trigger the meltdown at the slightest hint that Rainbow had arrived to stop him. However, Rainbow successfully took back the power plant, with one of its operatives shooting Kutkin to prevent the meltdown. Kutkin's death was confirmed this time.