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Maxim was the tertiary antagonist in the 2015 film Taken 3. He was the main henchman of Oleg Malankov and helped him in his goal to kill Bryan Mills.

He was portrayed by actor Andrew Howard.


In the film's opening, Maxim is shown at a very wealthy businessman's house with more henchmen who assist Oleg Malankov.

After the businessman's house scene, Maxim and Malankov's other henchmen took the businessman to the place where he is working. there ,the businessman meets Malankov (which it's Malankov's first appearance in the film) and finally when Malankov asked from the businessman to open the safe of his own boss for Malankov will take his money, Maxim saw that all the money was gone. Then, Malankov orders to Maxim give him Maxim's own gun to shoot the businessman and then, Malankov shoots the businessman.

Maxim dies after he was fought with Bryan Mills in a store. During the fight, Bryan and Maxim fought each other and finally Bryan defeated Maxim and moments before his death (Maxim), Bryan asks Maxim who he's working for and where his boss is (which is Malankov), when Maxim says to Bryan in Russian that he prefers to die instead of telling Bryan where Malankov is. Bryan then kills Maxim by shooting him.