Max Eckhardt
You mean when you run the show? You ain't got no future, Jack! You're an A-1 nut boy, and Grissom knows it.
~ Lt. Max Eckhardt

Lt. Max Eckhardt was a supporting antagonist of the 1989 movie Batman. He was played by William Hootkins.


He's a corrupt police officer paid by the crime boss Carl Grissom. Even though Batman and Eckhardt never met, he does work for the crime boss. He sometimes works for Grissom's right hand man Jack Napier - albeit reluctantly, as he considers Napier a "psycho" and an "A-1 nut boy". When Grissom finds out that Napier has been having an affair with his mistress, he orders Eckhardt to ambush and kill Napier during a set-up robbery at Axis Chemicals. A gunfight erupts in Axis Chemicals between the police and the Napier's men, during which Commissioner Gordon arrives and takes control, ordering the police to apprehend Napier alive. Eckhardt attempts to escape, but Napier shoots him in the chest and kills him.



  • Max shares a strong resemblance to Harvey Bullock from the Batman comics.
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