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Max Damage is the main and first racer available to play in the controversial combat-racing game known as Carmageddon - although he lacks a solid backstory (like many video-game characters from lesser known titles) he is part of a post-apocalyptic death sport in which racers take each other on with highly modified vehicles.

What makes Max Damage and the other racers villainous outwith their violent rivalries is the fact they all enjoy killing innocent people - which has also served to make the game itself controversial in the real world due to the fact players gain points for every civilian they run over.

One of Max Damage's main traits is to mocking say "oops - sorry" or "yeah!" after he kills a certain number of victims as well as his tendency to grin manically when doing so.

Carmageddon Reincarnation Artwork 8

Max Damage in his latest appearance.

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