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Max Assassin by Rock Zilla

Max Assassin

Max Assassin is the secondary antagonist of the comedy-horror film known as "Terror Toons" and was once an ordinary lab monkey mutated by the insane scientist named Dr. Carnage into a brutal purple ape-monster that worked as his right-hand.

He was portrayed by Scott Barrow.


Max Assassin was brought into the "real" world alongside Doctor Carnage when an unsuspecting girl played a cursed "Terror Toons" DVD - which opened a portal for the demonic cartoon characters to escape their native reality "The Cartoon Dimension", upon arrival they went on a horrific murder spree that only stopped when the girl eventually managed to kill them.

However in typical horror movie fashion the ending soon cuts to a scene of a young boy recieving a "Terror Toons" DVD and playing it in his bedroom only for the doors to slam shut by themselves, implying the horror is about to begin again.

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