Crocodile 01 still

Max is one of the four main antagonists of Lake Placid 2. He is the son of the Male Crocodile and the Female Crocodile, and the brother of Martha, George Jr. and Gracie.

Lake Placid 2

Max made his first screen appearance at the end of the First film along with his three other siblings being feed by Delores Bickerman, the Crocs remained in Black Lake after their Father was relocated and their Mother was killed. For over ten years they lived in the Lake and at some point they killed Delores and were then taking care by her sister Sadie, where she continued watching over them and began feeding them Beef rejected by the FDA. The Crocs would also feed on local wildlife but their primal nature would take affect and they began preying on the local residents.

Max made his first appearance in Lake Placid 2, where he was seen briefly killing three teens. He then appeared where he ate a boar on land that Struthers had trapped, before Max escaped he was tranquilized and passed out but he awoke soon after and killed Deputy Dale Davis who was attempting to tie his snout down, he then made his way back to the Lake after getting shot at. He soon reappeared stalking Sheriff James Riley and Ahmad who were hunting him in the lake, Max attacked the dead boar which was being used as bait and was shot by a harpoon. He somehow managed to snap the line to the harpoon which was connected to the boat, soon after he resurfaced again and was heading to attack but before Ahmad could shoot Max, Struthers swept down in his plane in front of the boat and shot the plane with a harpoon destroying both the plane and the boat. Max made his way after Struthers who was now on land but was attacked by Ahmad but he threw him off, he began getting shot at by Emma but before he could kill her Ahmad intervened and stabbed Max several times in the head, killing him almost instantly. He was later decapitated and planned to be mounted.

Behavior and Traits

Though Max behaves similar to typical crocodiles in general as much as his siblings, he and other crocodiles ultimately become considerable threat worse than crocodiles in real life due to their caretaker Sadie and Dolores Bickerman not keeping their primal instincts in check(by taming them) and indifferent with threats that they can pose to local residents. To make matter worse, Sadie ultimately feed Max and his siblings human flesh, resulting them become extremely aggressive predators with taste of human flesh.


  • Although Max and the others were Asian Pacific Crocodiles like their parents, part of the reason for them being large in this film was to being feed Beef rejected by the FDA which was packed with growth hormones.
  • Max and his siblings were the Second largest Crocodiles to appear in the Lake Placid Films, serving over 25 ft long as opposed to their parents who were 30 ft.
  • Max had a Brown skin texture, with Black and Light Green integrated into it.
  • Max was the first crocodile to appear and die in Lake Placid 2.
  • Max was named by Sadie after her late husband because "he was always hungry, like Max was."
  • It is unknown which Crocodile killed Tillman at the beginning of the Film.