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ACO Max.

Animal Control Officer Max (or ACO Max for short) one of the two main antagonists the 2009 Nickelodeon movie Hotel for Dogs and a cruel, obese and heartless animal pound worker featured in the 2009 Nickelodeon movie "Hotel for Dogs". He is portrayed by Eric Edelstein.

Role in movie

ACO Max works at the New York animal pound. He hates dogs and does everything in his power, along with his similar partner ACO Jake, to lock up every single dog in the city only to have their plans foiled by Bruce and Andi and their friends. His and Jake's cruelty becomes clear later on when they capture all the dogs and threaten to kill them all. However Bruce and Andi's dog Friday escapes capture and returns to his owners an their friends who race them back to the hotel. When Max, Jake and all other pound workers reach the hotel to capture the dogs once again however, the kid's social worker Bernie Wilkins delivers a heartfelt speech that leaves the police to allow the dogs to remain in the hotel. Max and Jake are arrested for their animal cruelty and the pound is shut down and the hotel is rebranded and re-opened as a fully fledged hotel for dogs.


  • Max's character is similar to Chuck Muckle from Hoot. Both characters do not like animals and try to kill them.
  • His real name is probably Maxwell.