Mau is a monster bad guy that lives in the plumbing of the Castle in "Castelo Rá-tim-bum" series. He like various villains, has an evil laugh, that he names "Deadly Laugh" (his evil laugh cans cause minor structural damage to the castle; he laughs after a charade doesn't be resolved). But he is only a good guy that wants to be evil (because is an educational show, so, the characters only decorating the story).

Finally a Villain

In the episode 74 of Castelo Rá-tim-bum, when Nino reads a book the Mau's names various times, and Mau become really "mau" (bad). He catches all the child, and Pedro brings Mau to the normal.


Godofred is the henchman of Mau. He never wants to hear the deadly laugh. He is a good guy too (is not a villain), because when Mau become really bad, he asks for help.

Name meaning

"Mau" in Portuguese means "bad"; unlike the word "Mal", "Mau" is not the meaning of the evil position, but means an adjective of an evil person.