I tried to leave... But you can't just leave The Order! But I finally found a way... Right when I was gonna leave... They fucking killed Jesse! They cut his fucking head off!!
~ Matt explaining why he stayed with The Order.

Matt Sharky was a former ally in the Slender / ARG series, DarkHarvest00, until it was revealed that he was secretly a member of The Order.


Matt Sharky was a friend of Chris and Alex who worked at Rainwood Memorial Elementary School until it was closed in late 2012. Despite having worked for the Rainwood family for several years, he was seemingly unaware of their connection to The Order. He claimed to be personally acquainted with his former boss, Jacob Rainwood, and referred to him as being a good person; Jacob paid for Matt's rent even after no longer employing him and the two had gone to lunch together.

Matt housed Chris, Alex, and Heather McComber after The Order murdered Chris and Alex's families and wounded Heather. Using his own money, Matt acquired fake IDs for the three from an acquaintance, only asking that they help pay his rent in return. Some time later, the three infiltrated an Order gathering at the Atlantic Test Site and killed all of the members they encountered, save for one wounded individual. Removing his mask, they discovered Matt, who had secretly been a member of The Order. In agony, Matt expressed his fear and regret that came from joining The Order, having witnessed Gorr'Rylaehotep slaughtering members during Noah Maxwell's visit and Jesse Laurenzi's gruesome execution, which convinced him he would be unable to leave the organization. Overcome with betrayal, Chris executed Matt.