I'm gonna kill you...
~ Matt Helms whispers to Travis Touchdown

Matt Helms is the 24th assassin in No More Heroes 2; Desperate Struggle.


Matt Helms is a demonic battle axe-wielding pyromaniac with a crazed laugh, and a serious messed up mask that resembles a child's face. His back story is what makes him one of the most disturbing assassin in the No More Heroes game series.



Thirty years prior to the Game, Matt Helms was abandoned as a young child. When he was about to die he made a deal with the devil to come back to life and to kill his parents. Because of this, Matt Helms is immortal.

Boss Battle

Travis fights Matt Helms in an abandoned house where Matt Helms uses to live. Matt Helms fights by swining his axe, which does huge ammount of damage, throwing molotov cocktails, ans on some occasion uses the flamethrower in his axe. During the power struggle, if Travis fails to out-strength Matt Helms, Helms with push Travis to the ground and sit of Travis, dealing a massive ammount of damage.

Matt Helms Still Lives

Even though Travis Touchdown stabbed Matt Helms' head and made it explode, Matt still lives as a blood-soaked, naked child.
Matt Helms' kid form

Matt Helms still lives.

He whispers, "I'm going to kill you" to an off-guard Travis, and just when he's about to, Silvia, (Travis' love intrest) shoots Matt Helms. He gets back up and jogs away laughing with craziness never to be seen again.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

Matt Helms, along with several other bosses from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, appears as an optional boss. He fights roughly the same in as in the prievious boss fight.