I'm like a nanny to all these children
~ Matron Cofelia

Matron Cofelia (also known as Miss Foster) is the main antagonist of the Doctor Who episode "Partners in Crime".

She is portrayed by Sarah Lancashire.


She came to Earth to create offspring illegally for The Adipose First Family who's original breeding planet was lost (it had been stolen by Davros). She was able to create offspring for them by inventing a diet pill which when taken, caused body fat and sometimes the entire human body to turn into Adipose children which were then taken by an Adipose Nursery Ship, which would take them to the Adipose First Family.

Cofelia then began to be beamed up by the Nursery Ship where she thought she was going with the Adipose. The Tenth Doctor watching from a nearby building, tried to convince her to come over to him, telling her that the Family know it's illegal to breed on Earth and will want to get rid of the accomplice.

But Cofelia refuses saying that she is like a nanny to all the Adipose children to which the Doctor said "Exactly Mum and Dad have got the kids now they don't need the nanny anymore" just seconds before the beam carrying Cofelia turned off and she fell to her death.