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Andreas Pietschmann as Matreus

Andreas Pietschmann as Matreus

We are now brothers. Zanrelot recognized me as his son.
~ Matreus to Jona

Matreus is the former henchmen and student of Zanrelot. During all three seasons, he helps Zanrelot to make plans how to conquer Lübeck. It's Matreus who reawakes his master during the seasons. He's such loyal to his master that Zanrelot starts to call him son. When Zanrelot creates a clone of his original son, Jona, Matreus becomes envious and shows him that he's only a clone. When Jona the clone fought each other to see who of them is allowed to be Zanrelot's son, Zanrelot kills the clone, telling Matreus: "Do never fall in love, Matreus.". Later, Zanrelot succeeds in manipulating Jona, Matreus attacks Zanrelot and helps the Wächter to escape, but is finally killed by Jona.

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