"Carol was cool, she was kind of crazy before"

"I knew you were going soft! Dinner's going to be cold tonight, asshole!"

Matheson is the tertiary antagonist in the 2008 drug comedy film Pineapple Express as while Ted Jones is the main villain and Carol Brazier is the secondary villain.

He is portrayed by Craig Robinson.

Pineapple Express

Matheson and Budlosky are the two main henchman of Ted Jones who is not an equal partner of Ted like Carol Brazier. Matheson is also the most brutal and dangerous of Ted's henchmen having more power of violence towards the film's protagonists Dale Denton and Saul. Matheson is also Ted's only henchman who is competent or at least willing enough to pose a good degree of danger. Later on, Dale took Pete, one of Ted's henchmen hostage at gunpoint demanding that Saul be released. Matheson and his partners were not willing to lose Pete but Budlosky shoots Pete and forces Dale to surrender and join Saul as a hostage. Matheson and Ted both express disdain over Pete's death.

He dislikes his partner Budlofsky a lot for his selfishness and stubborness and at the end of the film killed him as revenge for being a backstabbing, insolent and lazy partner.

After killing Budlofsky, Matheson turns his attention (and his Smith and Wesson Model 39 handgun) at Saul, insulting him as "Mr. Folgers", "sexy ass" and "motherfucker" claiming that Saul just has to accept getting shot. Suddenly, Red drives his Daewoo Lanos right through the barn and runs into Matheson, who just screams in horror before getting hit by the car and his foot shot off by Red with a Armscor M30R6.


Craig reprised his character Matheson for a home-made video in the 2013 film "This Is the End" which meant he reprised Matheson in a film within a film. Craig chose to do this because he was bored and there was nothing much to do during the apocalypse besides eat and sleep.