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Mater Suspiriorum born Helena Markos was the oldest and wisest of The Three Mothers. They were a triad of evil witches bent on world domination. In the late 1800's the mothers ensnared the architect Varelli and convinced him to build houses for them. Markos by then also know as the Black Queen claimed the house in Freiburg Germany as her own. It was turned into a ballet academy and The Mother of Sighs masqueraded as its headmistress. In the 1970's Markos was challenged to a magic duel by Elisa Mandy a white witch. Susperiorum emerged victorious but was reduced to a shell of her former self. When ballerina Suzy Banyon discovered the truth, Helana tried to kill the girl. The wicked witch was too weak however and Suzy killed her first.


While she was invisible, making a corpse attack Suzy, the ballerina found her and stabbed her in the neck with an iron feather. Helena's death caused a chain reaction that destroyed the school
Helena markcos

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