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Mater Lachrymarum was the third witch that made up the Three Mothers triad of evil sorceresses. She was the most potent and beautiful of all. In the 1980's she attempted to ensnare young Mark Elliot but he left Rome in pursuit of his sister Rose. Around 2007 the malevolent witch recovered her red tunic greatly enhancing her powers. She aimed to make Rome fall again. Evil witches from every corner of the earth flocked to her side to celebrate Lachrymarum's return. The evil enchantress was stopped however by Sarah Mandy, daughter of the good witch who fought Mater Suspiriorum decades before. being a nascent witch from a powerful line Sarah was virtually immune to The Mother Of Tears' magic. The young woman was able to use this to get close enough to Lachrymarum and destroy her tunic thereby nullifying her magic; soon after the evil crone's lair collapsed and she was impaled by an obelisk. Thus the Three Mothers centuries spanning reign of terror came to an end.

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