Matbot Crisis Kaijin
A white-haired anteater monster with crab claws for hands. The Crisis Empire used it to dig into a mountain to cause a volcanic eruption until Shadow Moon took control of it. When Kamen Rider Black RX encountered Matbot, it attacked the other Crisis Empire officers who fought back. Kamen Rider Black RX escaped the cave-in and ended up engaging Shadow Moon in battle. Gedorian disciplined Matbot at their base and General Jark told Gedorian to use Matbot to capture two children for revenge on Shadow Moon. After defeating Shadow Moon, Kamen Rider Black RX became Robo Rider and fought Matbot underground, who then went above ground while Robo Rider disarmed some bombs. Acrobattler tackled Matbot and Robo Rider used his Vortech Shooter to blast off his right arm. Robo Rider then reverted to Kamen Rider Black RX and destroyed Matbot with the Revolcane.

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