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Matadormon is one of the villains and generals of the Bagra Army in Digimon Fusion. He is Tactimon's servants.


Matadormon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that looks like a sage with knives for a face, fingers, and shoes.

Digimon Fusion

Matadormon first appeared when Akari won a baking contest against WaruMonzaemon. Matadormon told his WaruMonzaemon, and most of army of Monzaemon to form into, GigaWaruMonzaemon. After his Monzaemon army is defeated, Matadormon sent the Xros Heart into an underground cave where Brakedramon the ultimate weapon awaits. He was ultimately killed along with Breakdramon by Shoutmon X5 and the Raremon reverted back to the Sweet Zone citizens.


  • Thousand Arrow
  • Burudoggu
  • Chouzetsu Rappashū

Members of Matadormon's Army


  • Matadormon can Digivolve into (with the help of Mummymon) Beelzemon.
    • He can also Digivolve into GranDracmon
  • Matdormon's prievous Digimon form is Sangloupmon

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