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Jason Wyngarde (Earth-616)

Mastermind was a mutant in the X-Men series and the marvel universe. Jason Wyngarde was a formidable mutant in his time, using his abilities to manipulate others to see and hear what he wished them to. At his prime, he even influenced Jean Grey into joining the corrupt Hellfire Club as his lover.

Mastermind was originally a member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants where he created utterly convincing illusions for the team.

Animated History

X-Men: The Animated Series

Jason Wyngarde (Earth-92131)

Jason Wyngarde appears in the X-Men animated series episodes the Dark Phoenix Saga. He appears as a member of the Hellfire Club brainwashing Jean Grey into becoming the Black Queen but unleashed the Dark Phoenix.

Powers & Abilities

Also known as Jason Wyngarde, this former carnival mentalist can psionically cast illusions, even to disguise his own appearance.


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