Master of Shadows

The Master of Shadows

The Master of Shadows is a powerful and arrogant demon from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series and an enemy of the Ghostbusters.


The Master of Shadows decided to demonstrate his superiority to all mortals and directed ghosts to attack several areas in New York. After a few busts, Egon detected secondary and tertiary spectral readings. He deduced an outside force was controlling and directing the ghosts. The Master of Shadows was intrigued by Egon's intellect but upon being shot at, he threatened to plunge the city into destruction.

Back at the Firehouse , Egon used the Master's spectral frequency on a communication device. A holographic projector hooked to the device could only pick up a spectral voice mail at first. Then the Master appeared to the Ghostbusters. Egon then egged him onto a challenge at midnight, on the corner of 15th and Madison. However, Slimer hit several insulated wires and switched bodies with Egon. Growing impatient, the Master moved up the appointment. During the match, the Master is utterly confused by Egon and Slimer's dilemma. The Ghostbusters capture him in Proton Streams and trap him with ease.


The Master of Shadows has a superiority complex. He is very arrogant and thinks he is smarter and more powerful than humans. However, he completely underestimated the Ghostbusters, especially Egon. This led to his down fall and capture.

Powers and Abilities

The Master of Shadows

The Master of Shadows unleashes his powers.

The Master of Shadows appears to be at least a Class 8 which would make him one of the strongest entities in the series along with others of the same rank such as Mee-Krah and Wat.

The Master of Shadows can control and direct lesser entities, teleport, and concentrate P.K.E. into fireballs.

Physical Description

The Master of Shadows takes the form of a purple red eyed demon with reddish flowing arm drapes and reddish loincloth. He is has a single eye in the center of his waist line and a large red mushroom shaped dome for a head.