But perhaps... Yes... hm hm hm... I see it now. It is through tyranny and fear that I shall ensure my charges follow the righteous path!
~ Jack of Alltrades, after his transformation

Master of Nu'un is a boss from Dragon Quest IX. After Abbott Jack of Alltrades swallowed one of the seven Fyggs that fell to the mortal world, he goes missing, as such the people at Alltrades Abbey are unable to change their vocations. The hero is then tasked to find him at the Tower of Trades, where he apparently went to. Upon finding Jack of Alltrades, he gets empowered due to the Fygg, wiching for even more power in order to properly guide his follower through the right path. However, he transforms into a monstrosity known as the Master of Nu'un, and the player is forced to fight him. Upon being defeated, Jack of Alltrades recovers his consciousness, realizing he went a bit too far and immediately returning to his duties at Alltrades Abbey. He represents his passion for guiding his followers to the right vocation.