This former Will-o'-Wisp Academy student manipulated the Space Police and led them on a mad crusade against magicians. He possesses vast knowledge.
~ Bestiary Entry

Master Kale, sometimes simply referred to as Kale, is the main antagonist of the video game Magical Starsign. He is a powerful magician and was a former student at Will-o'-Wisp Academy.

Role in the Game

Before turning evil, Kale was a student at Will-o'-Wisp Academy and was said to be a good student by his former teacher, Miss Madeleine. There are apparently no hints to his reason of his apparent transformation. Miss Madeleine was told by Biscotti, the principal of Will-O'-Wisp Academy, that Kale has become the leader of the space pirates, and is planning to destroy the solar system. Miss Madeleine goes out to stop Kale before it's too late, but the school loses contact with Madeleine so six of her students go out to find and save her.

Battle in Chromagar Cave and Death

Later on in the game, the gang reaches Kale at the deepest part of Chromagar Cave, the final location in the game. Before battle, Kale summons a giant monster made from gummy to fight with him. The six magicians defeat Kale and Kale explains to the students that the Giant Larva has now entered her cocoon form and that the magic of the six must've brought it on. He explains that the Giant Larva, soon to become a large butterfly-like monster known as Shadra, is absorbing the smell of gummies, that they'll all be turned into gummies, and that Shadra will feast and absorbed their energy/magic. After that, Kale suddenly disappears, possibly meaning he finally died.


Kale is very aloof, commanding, and undemonstrative as a person. He will use people to get what he wants and doesn't seem to care about others lives. He is very devoted to what he wants but seems slightly misguided. He apparently was a good kid when he was at the Academy with no hints to his reason of his apparent transformation. He is also shown to be a traitorous and manipulative person.


Not much can be seen of Kale's appearance. He has a whiskery mustache and long, limp hair that is dirty. He wears green rags and a green hat. A tattered red vest hangs off his shoulders. He has human-like grey hands and unidentifiable grey ankles, or possibly legs. The rest of him remains a mystery.


  • It's never revealed how or why Kale turned evil. However, it's possible that it could be because he read a cursed book known as "the Book of the Darned" and believed that the Sun must be reborn to change all life.
  • His name, Kale, is a form of green and purple cabbage.