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Master Hate
is a cosmic entity native to the Marvel Universe and the "brother" of Lady Love - he is the embodiment of all hatred in the Marvel Universe and as such is a vital part of the universe but also one of its darkest aspects: arguably every act of violence and cruelty committed by people influenced by hate is the result of Master Hate's influence and he has been installing hatred in the minds of mortals since the first sentient being felt hatred.

Although often depictated as a giant humanoid male, Master Hate is in reality an abstract being that lacks a physical form, relying on the powers of Anthropomorpho in order to gain a Material Body (often shortened to M-Body) - and while often choosing the form of a male Master Hate is technically without gender and can take any form he desires.

Master Hate also has connection to gods of "evil" (as their are no gods of hate in any pantheon - though Bellona comes close) - much as Lady Death has connections to the death-deities and Lady Love has connections to love-gods.

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